You must follow all of the rules, codes, procedures, and directions of club officials; these are in place for your benefit, the good running of the club, the safety of fellow archers and the public.

You must also comply with all Archery Australia Rules and Policies.


                            WORKING BEES

As a member of the club, you are expected to help.



Whenever possible.



Safety is our absolute priority at the club; all safety rules and policies MUST be followed.

For safety reasons, all participants must wear appropriate clothing and closed footwear.

The only people permitted to shoot at the club’s facilities are current financial members, approved visiting archers, or supervised temporary members undertaking an archery introduction course or approved guests.

Proof of membership may be required, so always have your membership card with you.


                       COMPOUND BOWS

Must be limited to a maximum labelled draw weight of 60 lbs.



Broadheads are strictly prohibited at the Gold Coast Archery Club.