NEXT DATE:         2/6/2024

ADDRESS:             33 Golden Valley Road Tallebudgera Valley.

COST:                       Administration fee $30 per person (WHICH IS NON-REFUNDABLE)
RANGE FEE:         $20 per person to be paid in cash on the day.
TOTAL COST:       $50 per person.
EQUIPMENT:        Equipment is supplied by the club.


SAFETY REQUIREMENTS:   Closed-in footwear must be worn. No open footwear such as sandals or thongs are allowed under health and safety rules. Body piercings that may become entangled with the string or other parts of the bow, must be removed or covered appropriately. Appropriate clothing should be worn which is not too bulky or loose. We would therefore suggest a T-shirt with no beads or dangling objects, as these may also get entangled with the bowstring and possibly cause you injury. Please bring a HAT, BOTTLE OF WATER, UMBRELLA AND BUG REPELLENT.

Archery is an all-weather sport; the ‘COME n TRY’ will occur if there is rain.

Please read the section called “BASIC OVERVIEW OF THE DAY“.   If you would like to register for the following COME n TRY day, then please email the Organising Coach.

 DATE of COME N TRY:        2/6/2024  

 ORGANISING COACH:        Randall



  1. The organising Coach will then send you a return email with all the information about that Come n Try and place you on their 3-day tentative booking list.
  2. You will then be required to pay an Administration fee of $30 which will have to be made by a direct bank transfer to the club, within that 3-day tentative booking timeframe.
  3. You will then be required to send an email to the Organising Coach confirming payment of the $30 Administration fee per participant and supply all of the names of participants that you want to attend.
  4. The Organising coach will then confirm your Administration fee payment of $30 PER PERSON by email.
  5. The Organising Coach will then add the names of all your participants to their Come n Try list to be held on that day.
  6. All you need to do then is turn up on the day at 8.00 am.