When the club cancels a ‘Come n Try’ for any reason, you may choose one of the following two options shown below.

Option 1

  1.  The Come n Try that was cancelled will be moved to next Sunday starting at 8.00 am.
  2.  Please email the organising coach if you intend to choose this option.

Option 2

You can request a refund of the administration fee.

  1.  Email the treasurer with the following details.
  2.  The NAME that you used in the payment details, when you paid the administration fee.
  3.  THE TOTAL AMOUNT that you paid in administration fees.
  5.  BSB – NUMBER
  7.  The Treasurer will then make a direct transfer into your bank account, all being well, sometime in the following week.

After you have received your refund and you would like to attend another ‘Come n Try’, then rebook a place in any future Come N Try, on a date that is more suitable for you.