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Gold Coast Archery Club is the only World Archery Federation club located on the Gold Coast. The club is situated in the beautiful Tallebudgera Valley on Golden Valley Road just off Tallebudgera Creek Road.

Archery is an ancient sport and form of weaponry. Whilst in the modern world Archery is no longer used in battle, it has become a highly popular sport. There are many forms of competition that are available to archers.  

Archery is primarily a solo sport, however there are team events on offer as well. Nothing challenges you quite like archery. It is a sport that you can follow your own progress at your own pace while aiming for personal goals that you wish to achieve through your own endeavours in the sport.

In Australia there are two major forms of Archery: Target and Field. Gold Coast archery club is one of 6 target archery clubs in Queensland.


Target archery:

Target archery is a stable form of archery where the archery is conducted from a shooting line and the targets change distance. Target archers shoot distances from 18m to more than 150m. There are many forms of bow-disciplines allowed in target archery. These disciplines consist of Recurve, Bare Bow Recurve (non sighted and non stabilised), Compound, Bare Compound Bow and Long Bow. Recurve bows are allowed to be sighted, however they are not allowed to have any magnification, and are shot from the fingers. Compound bows are allowed to have magnified sights and trigger release aids, this leads to much higher accuracy for the archers shooting.




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